Dean Hazen

Dean Hazen Portrait

Why are you running?

County Board District 10 is a mix of urban and city and both sets of residents deserve competent representation in their local offices. The Champaign County Board handles millions of taxpayer dollars which requires a strong board of directors for responsible allocation. The county board also oversees offices run by elected officials. This oversight is vital in order to maintain accountability. In addition, we are currently experiencing a public safety crisis in Champaign County at large; the gun violence is out of control. I have worked in law enforcement for over 20 years and that experience will be valuable when making decisions related to any criminal justice issues i.e. the new jail and distribution of tax payer dollars to community programs and services.

What do you feel are the main issues?

Gun violence. Local politicians that lack support for our law enforcement officers. Accountability in our elected offices.

How will you address these issues?

I will work to find pragmatic solutions for the residents of Champaign County regardless of their party affiliation, race, religion, sex or any other factor. To me, we all share one thing; we are residents of Champaign County. I refuse to participate in the hatred and division that plagues our community. I am offering myself as a someone who will seek solutions that work. If you are looking for an extremist, I am not your person. I describe myself as a compassionate conservative. I was known for this when I served as an Urbana Police Officer and when I served on the Urbana City Council. If elected to the County Board, I will display the same attributes.

Thanks Dean!