Precinct Committeepeople

Precinct Committeeman (PC)- The MOST Powerful Office…and the easiest!

  • Why? PC’s are in charge of the Republican county political platform and influence Primary Candidates. They are closest “to the people” in their precinct
  • Time Commitment- 1-2 hours per month except election years, then 5-10 hours/month
  • Friendly Access to Republican neighbors in your precinct (usually about 500-750 voters)
  • Respect from local officials
  • Launching pad for other offices
  • Direct influence over party platform, candidates and election of Committee officers
  • Help Champaign County GOP change laws
  • Most Important- It’s easy to be elected Precinct Committeeman! Candidates are usually not contested AND if your precinct already has a great PC, then apply to the Chairman to be ASSIGNED to another nearby precinct!!
  • Support- You will have the full support of the officers, executive committee and committee chairs PLUS the CCGOP now has a more formal training program and technology tools to make your job as a PC easier and more effective

The BOTTOM LINE, being a Precinct Committeeman is the EASIEST office to win with the MOST influence on local politics! Champaign County has 118 precincts so there is plenty of room for you to help the Champaign County Republican Party. Not your bag to tea? That’s OK…. then become a PC volunteer and let an existing PC show you the ropes until you are ready!

Need more information or have questions? Contact Susan Mantell at [email protected] or 217-649-8678.