2022 State and Local GOP Candidates

2022 State and Local Candidates for the Republican Party are listed in the tables below. Candidate's websites are linked to names when available. Primary election candidates are listed in the first table. General election candidates are listed in the second table. Tables will be updated following the primary elections.


Office Email
Darren Bailey Governor [email protected]
Dan Brady Secretary of State [email protected]
John Brown Sheriff (Champaign County) [email protected]
Casey Chlebek US Senate [email protected]
Shane Cultra 2nd Congressional [email protected]
Rodney Davis 15th Congressional [email protected]
Regan Deering 13th Congressional [email protected]
Thomas Devore Attorney General [email protected]
Matthew Dubiel US Senate [email protected]
Matt Hausman 13th Congressional [email protected]
Peggy Hubbard US Senate [email protected]
Richard Irvin Governor [email protected]
Steve Kim Attorney General [email protected]
Thomas Lynch 2nd Congressional [email protected]
Terry Martin 13th Congressional [email protected]
Mike McHaney Fifth District Appellate Court [email protected]
John Milhiser Secretary of State [email protected]
Mary Miller 15th Congressional [email protected]
Bobby Piton US Senate [email protected]
Gary Rabine Governor [email protected]
Ashley Ramos 2nd Congressional [email protected]
Jesse Reising 13th Congressional [email protected]
Kathy Salvi US Senate [email protected]
Paul Schimpf Governor [email protected]
David Shestokas Attorney General [email protected]
Max Solomon Governor [email protected]
Jesse Sullivan Governor [email protected]
Jimmy Lee Tillman II US Senate [email protected]
Barry Vaughan Fifth District Appellate Court [email protected]
Anthony Williams US Senate  
Greg Worrell Sheriff Champaign County [email protected]

2022 General Election Candidate List:


Office Email
Lucas Atwood County Board Dist. 5 [email protected]
Aaron Esry County Board Dist. 3 [email protected]
Jim Goss County Board Dist. 1 [email protected]
Stanley Harper County Board Dist. 3  
Dean Hazen County Board Dist. 10 [email protected]
Karen James County Board Dist. 11 [email protected]
Mike Kobel County Board Dist. 10 [email protected]
Sam Limentato 6th Circuit Court [email protected]
Mike Marron 104th House District [email protected]
Jim McGuire County Board Dist. 4 [email protected]
Diane Michaels County Board Dist. 2 [email protected]
Adam Nieberg 109th House District  
Brad Passalacqua County Board Dist. 4 [email protected]
Tom "Ed" Sexton County Board Dist. 2 [email protected]
Terrence Stuber Champaign County Clerk [email protected]
Jeff Wilson County Board Dist. 1 [email protected]
Von Young County Board Dist. 5 [email protected]