Community Leaders Fundraising Letter

Champaign County Community Leaders for Major Change invite you to join us in supporting candidates who will work to make our community a safer, better place to live.

Are you as concerned about public safety in Champaign-Urbana as we are? 

  • Shootings and mob actions are on the rise.
  • Our families and businesses are suffering.
  • Our culture and economy are being threatened on a daily basis.

Who is responsible for the deterioration in our local quality of life?  We can only look to our city and county government to know the reasons behind this mess.  The Champaign Police Department and Champaign County Sheriff’s Office have both seen a significant reduction in personnel. 

Do you feel safe?  We don’t!

We need change at the highest levels to make Champaign-Urbana a safer place to live, work, and play. Change is going to take more than one election cycle, but we can start by helping to elect these pro-law enforcement candidates running for office in the November election:

  • Champaign County Clerk* – Terrence Stuber
  • Champaign County Sheriff – John Brown
  • Champaign County Executive - Ted Myhre
  • 6th Circuit Court – Judge Sam Limentato
  • County Board 1 – Jim Goss and Jeff Wilson
  • County Board 2 – Diane Michaels and Ed Sexton
  • County Board 3 – Aaron Esry and Stanley Harper
  • County Board 4 – Jim McGuire and Brad Passalacqua
  • County Board 5 – Von Young and Lucas Atwater
  • County Board 10 – Dean Hazen and Mike Kobel
  • County Board 11 – Karen James

*You may not think the County Clerk has an impact on safety in our city but there have been numerous irregularities in that office that impact our both our elections and our economy from mishandling of ballots, real estate payments, and filing deeds in a timely fashion.

Once this election cycle is over, we will support candidates for Mayor and three at-large city council seats for the April 2023 election.

  • Mayor – Troy Daniels (former Police Chief)
  • 3 At-Large City Council seats – Mike Namoff (two others are being recruited)
  • Unit 4 School Board candidates

What can you do to help?  First and foremost, we can’t just stand by and wait for things to get better. Time has shown that we are on a downward spiral. “No action” is not an option.

With the November election coming up, we have a chance to vote these candidates into office. Candidates who will take action to reduce crime, support police and enact policies to make our community safer. Our candidates need financial assistance to get their message out!

Can we count on you to join us by donating what you can to help get these candidates elected?

Donate online. All funds will be judiciously allocated by a committee including Champaign County GOP officers and representatives of this group.

Our goal is to raise over $100,000. Early voting starts on September 29. Time is of the essence.

Thank you for your help! Together, we can make big, positive changes in Champaign county.

Questions? Please contact Kathy Young.