Election Integrity Committee Update

Tami Fruhling-Voges, Traci Bosch and Emily Brown make up our election integrity committee which is a very important as we go in to the 2022 general election.
Tracy and Emily are working with those who are interested in being an election judge and those who have already signed up on the county clerk's website. They will continue to assist those who are having issues with getting signed up.
Those interested in being an election judge are encouraged to apply on the Champaign County Clerk's website so that they can begin their online training.
After applying to be a judge, please contact the committee via email Traci and Emily will be tracking those Republican Judges to be certain they are being well informed by the clerk's office. 
If any judge applicant doesn't hear back from the clerk's office or they haven't been able to access the training and schedule their polling places to work as a judge please notify us via email immediately with that information. They will make sure that the applicant has properly accessed the clerk's website or they can follow up as to why that applicant has not been notified. Traci and Emily will have additional training to help answer questions and to drill down on important things to watch for as an election judge.
Tami Fruhling-Voges is working with a couple of outside training opportunities for those who are interested in being a poll watcher.  All those that have added their name to the poll watching list will be receiving emails with those outside training opportunities.  These outside groups offer excellent training.
Our local group will be putting together additional training sessions to answer questions and provide the credentials needed to be a poll watcher.  We will also be trying to put together a schedule for poll watchers at as many polling locations for early voting and election day.
Our emphasis should be on watching the VBM (vote by mail) ballots, Brookens voting center and campus polling locations. If you are interested in becoming a poll watcher, please contact Tami.
Election integrity is about checks and balances - well trained election judges and poll watchers working as a team. 
More resources:

The Champaign County Clerk has issued the invitation to sign up to be an Election Judge.

Participate fully in your democracy by serving as an election judge!  

Sign up on our website HERE and we will help walk you through this process.

Sign up at Election Judge Application (airtable.com)

Go HERE for more information.

If selected, you will be paid $200.00 for the day.

According to the County Clerk, more than half of election judges & workers are part of the aging population over 60. The Pandemic forced them to choose between participating in the election process and potential exposure to COVID. Technological changes also create the need for election judges & workers who are comfortable troubleshooting laptops & printers that have a tendency to fail.

Election Judges work in bi-partisan pairs to ensure election integrity.  This is a great way to do your part!  The Clerk’s Office provides training, but we are also planning to provide additional training.  Details will follow.

The following requirements for skills and duties were presented in a previous Newsletter, but bear repeating again:

Election Judges

Requirements to serve as an Election Judge include:

  • Be a U.S. citizen by the next election
  • Able to speak, read and write English fluently
  • Ability to use a computer and internet accurately
  • Successfully complete an election judge training course conducted by the Clerk's office
  • Reside in Champaign County
  • Not be a candidate for any office in the election and not be an elected committee person

Election Judge duties Include:

  • To open and close the polls
  • To be responsible for all election materials
  • To ensure that only qualified voters are permitted to vote and that each qualified voter is permitted to vote once and only once
  • To ensure that all votes are cast in secret
  • To give instructions in the method of voting when requested by a voter
  • To give assistance to illiterate and physically disabled voters
  • To maintain order in the polling place throughout the day
  • To tally the vote after the polls are closed and to certify the election results in that precinct

Please let us know if you sign up at [email protected]