Republican Women of Champaign County - Committees

In order to best utilize the talents of our our members, the Republican Women of Champaign County (RWCC) have created four sub-committees. These committees will help us to meet our objectives and increase levels of interest and involvement. Members are not required to join a committee and may switch committees as interests/needs change.

The committees include; membership/hospitality, community outreach, communications & elections/legislation. Take a look at the committee descriptions and see what piques your interest. 


  • Recruit new members
  • Promote RWCC in community
  • Create and hand out membership packets
  • Nominate candidates for officer elections (President, vice president, secretary & treasurer)
  • Plan monthly meeting locations and program [either guest speaker or training]
  • Welcome people to the meetings and events
  • Plan special events (holiday parties, etc)

Community Outreach:

  • Coordinate events within the community including but not limited to
  • Adopt A Highway
  • Veteran’s Day event
  • Work with the CCGOP to find volunteers to help with Party led events
  • Report Volunteer hours to Secretary of RWCC


  • Provide content for the RWCC FB page
  • Provide content for the CCGOP website and newsletter
  • Write letters to the editor
  • Create flyers/brochures for events as need
  • Create membership directory


  • Monitor and inform the RWCC of new state legislation
  • Alert members to Witness slips
  • Plan spring Legislative day in Springfield
  • Work with the CCGOP to identify those wanting to serve as Precinct Committeeman/Committeewoman
  • Help with training of PCs
  • Work with PCs to find election judges and poll watchers

You can sign up for a committee at the monthly meetings, or contact Peggy Prichard @ [email protected]