Sad Day for America

Yesterday our justice system failed. It was weaponized against We the People. We must all join in prayer for President Trump and his family as they navigate through the process of appealing this ruling. It is no coincidence that his sentencing slated for July 11th, days before the RNC Convention. As we contemplate our future as a nation, we must take the time to assess what our role is in our future. It is certain that the past has proved that the path our country is on is one of complete transformation and destruction as was promised during the past few presidential campaigns, minus one. It is up to We the People to get involved, educate our fellow countrymen and countrywomen, protect our sacred election process and do the hard things like run for office. It may seem daunting but I believe we have not yet lost our nation. Over the next few months, each one of you has an option to put your head in the sand, curl up in a corner or strap on the shield of God and be strong and unwavering in our mission to reclaim our Country from the radical people currently destroying it. Do not lose faith. We have the power of God on our side. Get and stay involved and lets do what we can in our county to shape our future for the positive.

We need Election Judges, Poll Watchers and Precinct Committeepersons. There are committees who need help. We have events we are planning. We need help with those as well. There is much work to do. Reach out if you want to get involved or know of someone who wants to get involved.