We Need You!

We Need You! For Fair Elections

By Kathy Young

Have you been thinking about ways to volunteer for the good of your community? The Champaign County GOP (CCGOP) is looking to fill positions for Election Judges and Pollwatchers for the General Primary election which takes place on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. We want to be sure that we have fully trained individuals for this and future elections.

Requirements to serve as an Election Judge include:

  • Be a U.S. citizen by the next election
  • Able to speak, read and write English fluently
  • Ability to use a computer and internet accurately
  • Successfully complete an election judge training course conducted by the Clerk's office
  • Reside in Champaign County
  • Not be a candidate for any office in the election and not be an elected committee person

Election Judge duties include:

  • To open and close the polls
  • To be responsible for all election materials
  • To ensure that only qualified voters are permitted to vote and that each qualified voter is permitted to vote once and only once
  • To ensure that all votes are cast in secret
  • To give instructions in the method of voting when requested by a voter
  • To give assistance to illiterate and physically disabled voters
  • To maintain order in the polling place throughout the day
  • To tally the vote after the polls are closed and to certify the election results in that precinct

It‘s not strictly a volunteer activity as the County does pay $200.00 for the day of the election, if selected.  More information about being an Election Judge in Champaign County can be found at the following link:   https://champaigncountyclerk.com/elections/work-election-judge

Poll watchers:

According to the Illinois State Board of Elections, “Illinois statutes provide for poll watchers to be present in the polling place on election days. Poll watchers are intended to observe the conduct of the election and their prime concern is the integrity and fairness of the election.”  The Board of Elections further states that “Poll watchers sometimes referred to as challengers, checkers or watchers, are election observers who aid in ensuring the free and fair conduct of elections. Poll watchers may be in the polling place before the polls open, during the actual voting hours, after the polls close, and during early voting.”

The following link provides access to a Poll watchers Guide and general information regarding the rights and limitations of pollwatchers:  https://elections.il.gov/ElectionOperations/Pollwatchers.aspx

If interested in becoming either an Election Judge or a Poll watcher, please contact us at CCGOP