2022 Election Cycle Starts Soon!

By Greg Stanek

As the Holidays and New Year’s celebrations wind down, we must turn our attention to the 2022 Election Cycle.

This year, because the 2020 Census results have been finalized, all Champaign County Board seats are up for election. In addition, all members of the US House of Representatives, Illinois House of Representatives, the Governor of Illinois, one US Senate seat, the Champaign County Executive, County Clerk, Sheriff and Treasurer are also up for election.

If you are interested in running for an office, you must submit petitions to the County Clerk. The number of signatures required for each position varies, depending on the position or office.

For example, if you are interested in running for a County Board seat, you must obtain 17 signatures from voters registered within your district. If you are planning to run for one of the county-wide offices, you must obtain 156 signatures from registered voters within the county.

You may begin passing petitions beginning January 13. Petitions with the requisite number of signatures must be submitted to the County Clerk beginning on March 7 and no later than March 14.

The Primary in Illinois, for all candidates and offices for the 2022 Election Cycle, is June 28. The General Election will be on November 8.

If you are interested or are considering running for an office, please contact one of the Champaign County GOP Officers. We can provide technical assistance and recommendations for access to preferred vendors.

If you are not interested in being a candidate, your participation is still very valuable. Direct support of candidates from grass roots Republicans will be essential. We have the opportunity to retake control of the County Board and any of the county-wide offices. But we will only be successful with your help.