Jim Goss resignation

This notice is to inform the public of the resignation of Jim Goss from his seat on the Champaign County Board - District 1. Jim has served Champaign County for over 10 years on the County Board, local governments, through farming and farm management. His over 10 years of service and dedication to the residents of Champaign County on the county board will be missed.

The Champaign County Republican Party will be accepting applications from those who live within County Board District 1’s boundaries to be considered for nomination by the Elected Precinct Committee-people within the CB district 1. Applications for nomination must be filed by email to [email protected] by Tuesday October 10th at 6pm (See nomination application criteria below).

The Champaign County Republican Party will host a Special Meeting on Thursday Oct, 12th at 5:30PM at Hensley Township Building 3001 W, Hensley RD Champaign IL 61822. A meeting in which the Elected Precinct Committee-people within County Board District 1 will choose the party’s nominee for the open County Board seat. Applicants will be given the opportunity to speak and answer questions in front of the voting Precinct Committee-people. The vote will take place in private - applicants will be asked to leave the location when the vote occurs.

If nominated by the Elected Precinct Committee-people within County Board District 1, the nominee will then be voted on and confirmed by the Full Champaign County Board at their regular meeting on Oct, 19th at 6:30PM at Champaign County Board Shields-Carter Meeting Room, Brookens Administration Center 1776 E Washington St, Urbana, IL 61802

Thank you for your consideration of serving the people of Champaign County on the County Board.

The residents and voters deserve good representation in our government - our party intends to nominate the applicant that can best provide that representation.

Nomination application procedures are listed below.

Jim McGuire
Champaign County GOP

Nomination Application Criteria:

Contact Information:

Full Name
Voting Address
Phone Number
Email Address.

Survey Questions:

  • What is your history in service to the people of Champaign County, inside and outside of government?
  • What is your involvement, experience and knowledge of the operation and responsibilities of the Champaign County Board to the public?
  • What experience, training, or education would you bring to the County Board, including any other public offices that you have been elected to?
  • What would you like to change to improve the county government’s service to the people of Champaign County, specifically the residents of County Board District 1?
  • If you were to hold the office, what will be your top three priorities?
  • In the past 5 years, what have you done to support the activities and priorities of the Champaign County Republican Party?
  • Moving forward, what will you commit to doing to grow the Champaign County Republican Party?
  • Will you sign a pledge to never support a Democratic candidate for any public office?
  • If nominated by the Champaign County Republican Party, you will fill the balance of Jim Goss's County Board District 1 seat term ending in January of 2025. Do you plan to run for re-election to fill the County Board District 1 seat for the next election, a 4 year term starting in January of 2025?
  • Are you prepared to begin circulating petitions for re-election as soon as October of 2023?
  • What financial resources are you willing to commit to running a successful re-election campaign?
  • If applicable, please describe the type of campaigning you have done in the past for other political offices. How active were you as a candidate? Were you able to organize people behind your campaign?
  • Regardless if you have run for office before, will you commit to being an active campaigner and doing the work of persuading the 3,000+ persuadable voters in the district? Will you assist the Champaign County Republican Party in recruiting Republican voters to join the party and get involved to turnout more Republican voters? How do you plan on doing this?